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I have my passport ready [09 Apr 2010|04:18pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

We are constantly planning where we want to go next. We just love traveling.

This summer it looks like we will be doing a small trip to Key West. Mainly because my dad will be fishing in a very large fishing tournament and it will also be a small getaway for Matt and I as well. We will have been married 5 years on July 2nd. It does not feel like it has been that long.

This September is Oktoberfest in Germany and Matt and I still need to finish our planning for this as well. It should be a blast and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Hopefully we will be going to Washington D.C. in February or March net year to visit my brother. We were suppose to go this year but Violet is too much of a terror to take on a plane. She needs to get a little older first.

If I am not pregnant in January or February I think Matt and I will be doing a ski trip to a resort in Utah. Would be fun to ski on some real slopes instead of the crappy ones in Tennessee.

Next summer we will definitely do a small trip to Stone Mountain, GA. I just LOVED going there as a child and I think Violet would have a great time too. We especially want to go before we have another child. The laser show on the mountain is always amazing.

In 3 years we plan on going to England and Scotland. Will be a big trip of a little more than a week. Will visit some castles and possibly do some trips to our ancestral history places. This should be amazing as well as the most expensive trip of our lives. Is it a little crazy that I am planning this now?????

In exactly 11 and a half years Matt and I will be taking Violet to Paris...for some reason I just really want to take her for her 13th birthday. I don't know if we will be taking any future children with us as well...time will tell.

Matt and I just love having trips on the horizon as it gives us fun obtainable goals to reach. We have so much stuff planned for the coming years...should be a lot of fun...and now we get to share all this fun stuff as a family.

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To work or not to work.... [12 Feb 2010|02:48pm]
[ mood | loved ]

So with my impending graduation on the distant horizon I have given a lot of thought to going back to work.  I was leaning that way thinking how nice it would be to start working on my career and to have a lot more money for the whole family to have and use on fun stuff like big boy toys and vacations.  Then I went on an interview for an internship this summer.  It went great and I can have it if I want but the entire time I was at the interview I wanted to get back home to my baby girl.

I LOVE everything about staying at home with her.  The first year was very very hard on me emotionally and physically and was even tough on my marriage and friendships.  But the last 4 months have been so worth it.  She runs around and we play games and read lots of lift flap/touchy feely books and she and I have a routine that works great for us.  She goes to bed every night at 8 pm and takes a 30 minute nap in the morning and an hour nap in the afternoons in her crib.  I am able to get everyday house chores done.  Laundry, dishes and picking up are things I actually enjoy doing.  I also love my free time for bargain/freebie/coupon shopping that gives me an adrenaline rush that rivals when I use to play sports in high school.  There are sooo many activities I look forward to as she gets older.  I want to spend an afternoon baking cookies from scratch, I want to go to parks and watch as she runs around the playground even though I will worry every time she goes on the monkey bars.  I want to make arts and crafts with her as she puts her sticky glittery hands all over me.  I want to take her to museums and zoos and watch as she stares in awe at everything those places have to offer.

As of now my husband has a good job that supports us and still allows him the flexibility to let us go on vacations, we meet him for lunches and we spend many a three day weekend together visiting family or friends.  A career right now would not allow for that type of flexibility for the things I enjoy most.

Now more than ever I realize my mom is my hero and she has paved the road for me to be a good mom.  I will also be the first to admit that being a stay at home mom is not for everyone...it is a hard job with long hours and yes I can do most of the things I want to do with her on weekends too.  The money I am missing out on is not everything (and coming from me who likes to buy stuff that means a lot).  I also enjoy hearing from Matt about other working moms that he knows that tell him they wish they could stay at home too.  There they are making good money doing what they are good at and they dream to stay at home with children too.

Overall she is my inspiration and she is what I want to do for several years at least.  Every smile and every single kissy makes ever single second worth it for me.  After my youngest (yet to be determined) goes to preschool I can then start to work on a real career.  I will still have 20 Plus years to devote to librarianship or another career if I so choose.  Still plenty of time.  These precious few years that her and I have together or indeed precious.  She will only be this little for a short time.  Right now I am her everything and I love it.  She comes to me for everything and I crave it.  Several years from now she will make friends and grow to be independent.  But right now she is mine and all mine.  I do not want to miss a single second.  I am currently living out my dream....a stay at home mom for my family.

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This would explain my absence from LJ.....I actually thought the number would be higher [23 Jan 2010|08:06pm]
[ mood | full ]

How Addicted to Facebook Are You?

Created by Oatmeal

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Mark your calenders..... [03 May 2009|08:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]

For those interested I am throwing Violet a small first birthday party on October 10th. Now that I have the Gator Football schedule I am able to plan during it during an away game. We will also be watching the Gator Game on my parent's 52" tv. It will be nothing fancy just cake and everyone should wear Gator gear.

On October 17th Matt, Violet and I will be attending Gator festivities in Gainesville. It is homecoming so we will be going to the parade on Friday (will be the first we have ever attended) and then tailgating with different groups on Saturday. We will NOT be attending the game with a 1 year old but will be instead heading somewhere to watch the game on TV. If anyone is in town that weekend we would love to see you.

See you there!

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New Direction [11 Apr 2009|11:35am]
I now have a blog strictly for me to vent my motherhood frustrations and triumphs. As a stay at home mom things can get boring and I need a place to vent.


I will still post here for more personal stuff and I will still read LJ everyday since I belong to a lot of awesome communities.
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My Breastfeeding Story Thusfar.... [30 Mar 2009|02:00pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Breastfeeding my daughter is one of the single most important things I have ever done. When she was born I had to wait over an hour since I had heavy bleeding that had to be closely monitored. Right from the moment she latched on she was a pro but not me. The nurse said if she was latched properly it should not hurt but every time there was a quick sharp tingle that went away after a few seconds. Each nursing season got a little bit easier than the one before it. The pain slowly went away and it actually became easy. That was until she lost 9% of her body weight in the hospital and I was scared by the nurses into the dreaded supplementing. I received little formula bottles to give her. I tried the first one and she just screamed and screamed and spit out anything I was able to get in her. I cried as I felt I was not feeding my baby enough. She would only take the boob. Over the next few days she went to the pediatrician and despite only giving her breast her weight increased. Once my milk came in around day 4 it was all smooth sailing again.

After the second week and the newness starting wearing off and the fatigue setting in breastfeeding became overwhelming. She was eating every 2 hours and I was exhausted. She would only nap on my lap while eating on the boob. Matt would take the early night shift and as a good husband and father when she was hungry he would come wake me up to feed her. In my exhausted state I would scream for him to leave me alone and just give her some of the many formula samples we received. He would look at me sadly and say if that was what I wanted he would do it. Of course seeing the look on his face and the hungry look on my baby’s face I would get up and feed her. Around 6 weeks she finally figured out her nights and breastfeeding became easier again. She is now 5 months old and still not sleeping through the night but I continue to tell myself that this too will pass.

Nowadays I have read all the information out there on breastfeeding. I might even say I am a lactivist. I still find myself feeding her in the car or dressing room but I no longer see it as a chore. Instead I look at her cute little face while she suckles and I smile. I feel accomplished. I feel proud. I am just glad to be offering my baby the best.

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Mommyhood [23 Mar 2009|01:35pm]
I have been really busy with a paper on the Founding of the Library of Congress. All while my child will not let me put her down for more than 5 minutes without crying. I am tired, sometimes a little cranky and all I want to do is move into our new house and that is at least 5 weeks away. This apartment is just getting too small.

This summer looks to be a great one. The babe will be getting swimming lessons, I will be getting up on my wakeboard for the first time in 2 years, parties with friends and the beach! I am ready, now only if my house was ready.

And I would like to end with a short video that I find hilarious.

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Blogging at a new level [22 Jan 2009|01:20pm]
So I decided to start a blog for my baby Violet so that I was not clogging my regular blog with baby chatter of diapers and such.  If you wish to add her it is life_of_violet .  Enjoy.  I will still post on this blog but it will be more about me instead of always about my daughter.
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General Excitment [11 Jan 2009|11:12am]
[ mood | busy ]

I am totally pumped up for our new house. The remodeling is going great. It already looks tons better even though we have a long ways to go. I can't wait till April when we can move in. We are trying to come up with a good name for the house. Homes need a name right? Right now it is just The Riverhouse but we want something better. Any and all will be welcome to stop by!

I am taking History of Libraries as the first elective I have taken so far. Not exactly my interest but it is strictly online so that is a plus. Now if only my textbook would arrive in the mail tomorrow so I can start.

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I have been bitten by the travel bug... [06 Jan 2009|01:29pm]
In 2008 I flew from Paris to Virginia (for a wedding) then home to Orlando. We also flew to D.C. to spend a weekend with my brother. Finally we flew to Vegas for a sort of family vacation/babymoon. All that travel leaves me wanting more. With babe in tow we won't be going far anytime soon but I can't wait till she is old enough to travel more. We will probably start out with small trips such as a weekend in Key West but we hope to do more. In the next 18 months we might even fly her to D.C. for another fun weekend. In September of 2010 Matt and I are planning our next big trip...Oktoberfest in Germany. Baby-free of course. It is the 200th anniversary and we are trying to get a bunch of people to go. No guest list, no travel itinerary just a bunch of people going around the same time, staying in the same place and partying in the same beer tent. The more the merrier we say. Matt and I are very set on going so I am already looking forward to it.

In the much more distant future, Matt and I plan on taking Violet to Paris for her 13th birthday. I seriously can't wait. We will probably take child number 2 with us as well but we shall see. Matt and I will probably do an England tip as well but just us and in the next 5-6 years. Is it sad that I am already looking forward to those trips?
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Welcome 2009! [05 Jan 2009|03:45pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So 2008 hit us quick and hard. It started out by watching the Eiffel Tower light up for the first time of 2008 and so many unknowns in our future and the year ended with us going to bed by 10pm with our sweet little baby girl in the crib next to us. In big news we got the new house and it is currently under construction. We should be moving in within the next few months. I can not wait. I have so many ideas for Violet's room. Everyone is welcome to visit as the beach is only a few miles away. We love having visitors although we know not many people are just driving by.

A couple of weeks ago D and Mike finally got married. We had an amazing time and the reception beautiful and a lot of fun. It was definitely an event I felt proud to be a part of (I was a bridesmaid). It was also nice to have a few hours without the babe-let hanging on to me 24/7. I pumped milk and my mom gave it to her. She was fussy about it but when she was really hungry she ate it. It was so nice to have adult time. I look forward to when she is on people food.

Violet is sleeping much better at night now. She usually sleeps between 4 and 6 hours every night and she has even had a few nights of sleeping 7 hours. I am still breastfeeding which makes me feel like she is constantly attached to the boob but really she loves boob so much. Ugh I feel like all I do is breastfeed but at least it has gotten easier and Matt and I have even gone out to dinner with her a few times. Granted twice I ended up in the car breastfeeding for 15 minutes. I plan to make it to 6 months and then we shall see how it goes after that. I swear her first word will be "boob."

I still have 20 baby pounds that I really want to loose and then 10 more on top of that by the end of the year. It will be nice to fit into my old clothes again. I have to stop wearing maternity clothes, I mean my daughter is 12 weeks tomorrow, it is time.

I hope that 2009 will be a great year for all my friends and family. Nothing will compare to 2008 but I still look forward to the future.

Now for annoying pics of my daughter

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Christmas Time [19 Dec 2008|10:18am]
[ mood | busy ]

So for a baby that will only be 10 weeks old at Christmas, Matt and I may have gone a little overboard. We have so many gifts under the tree and most are for her. Of course a lot of it she won't be able to use till she is 3 and 6 months old but now we won't have to shop throughout the year. This whole buying for your own child is actually a lot of fun. She visited Santa in the mall and I know she will have tons of gifts from Santa come the big morning. Although I personally think she deserves coal because I haven't slept through the night since she made her appearance...thankfully she is too cute to make up for it.

I hope everyone has a Great Christmas and a fun New Year!

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A quick update while Violet naps. [05 Dec 2008|03:14pm]
[ mood | happy ]

She hardly ever sleeps. V likes to be awake most of the day with only 5 minute cat naps and likes to be held or she screams and turns into Ultra-Violet (UV). UV makes her biggest appearance from 9pm-midnight. During that time I am too tired to deal with her and I want to chuck her out the window. This is when Matt steps in and soothes her and I usually go to sleep. He wakes me to boob feed her but that is it. I guess I just need those 3 hours to get my energy back. She usually wakes up between 2:30am-4:30am to eat and I just hope that she will let me put her back to bed so I can get 2-3 more hours of sleep. I must say that having a baby is much much harder than I ever thought it would be. It absolutely frightens me at the thought of starting all over with another child in the future. I am hoping after a few years that these bad memories will fade and that we will both want another baby. I think only one more is in our future.

On to the cute things about little V. I just love that she is smiling more and more and I can't wait till she has her first giggle. When I am breastfeeding during the day I will look down at her and she will look back at me and it is like we are having our own private moment and it melts my heart. I seriously think she is freakin adorable and I love to show her off to anyone who will let me. It is scary how much she looks and acts like me. She looks just like my baby pictures when I was that age...so much so that I almost want to call her Katrina when I am holding her. She has my exact personality...which is not really a good thing. She even stretches just like me with her head arched all the way back, her arms above her head and pursing her lips together...it cracks me up every time. I joke that Matt should have gotten more involved with the whole mixing of our genes thing. My family calls her my little clone. She has Matt's lips, his long tongue and his hair (as I had pitch black hair at that age). I definatey look forward to all the things she will learn over the next year as she turns into a little people.

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What's in a name... [20 Nov 2008|11:27am]
So I realized that I never explained how we picked the name for our daughter. Violet is my mom's mom's name also known as my Granny. She has never in her whole life gone as Violet but instead Kitty. Ever since I was little I loved her name even if she didn't go by it. I also love my Granny and have always thought her and I had a lot in common. So once we found out she was a girl we decided on the name Violet. We told a few people but after hearing what some of the sdxdspeople thought about it we second guessed ourselves and decided to keep looking. After her entrance into the world we decided we did not care what some people thought and went with our first choice, Violet. Her middle name, Kaitlyn, is derived from K(C)atherine just like my name, Katrina. We also just liked the name Kaitlyn but felt it was too common to have as a first name. So that is how Violet Kaitlyn Troy received her name.
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Life as Mom [10 Nov 2008|04:20pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Wow, what a few weeks I have had. Violet will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. Days with her are great. She is even awake looking around several hours a day now. Nights are another story. Some nights she is great and will sleep every 3 hours then I spend 30-60 minutes feeding and changing her. Other nights she wants to eat every 90 minutes and therefore I find myself extremely tired. There are times where she cries and cries and I have done everything to make her happy. I just wish she would take a pacifier to soothe herself. She won't take one, I have tried many different brands and she just spits it out and starts screaming :(

Her whooping cough is clearing up now so that has me extremely happy. Her coughs are like normal coughs now. She has her one month baby well check up on Wednesday and I am very interested to see how much she weighs now. We had so much trouble with her gaining weight in the beginning so I want to see how much my "boob juice" is helping her to grow.

When I am breastfeeding all I do is stare at how beautiful she is. I love to just look into her face and pet her head or cheek. Sometimes I just can not believe that I am a mom now and forever. A human life is in my hand. Corny I know but true non the less.

When she was only 4 days old my dad bought her her very first gun. It is a pink child size 22. Of course she can't use it for years but my dad has wanted to buy it for her since we found out we were having a girl.

Well baby is crying....back to being mom.

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A Baby Story [19 Oct 2008|03:30pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Violet Kaitlyn
October 14, 2008
7 pounds 14 ounces
20¾ inches long
Born: 37 weeks and 4 days
Apgar scores: 8, 9

Under the cut is my very long birth story.

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3 Hours till 37weeks [09 Oct 2008|08:58pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I am now considered full term and I can not believe that the time is almost over! Only 3 weeks to go (hopefully). Since I am now off bed rest yesterday my parents took me to Ft. Pierce. My dad helped Matt unload our 2nd and last load of our trailer and my mom and I worked on the baby's room. Finally I was able to nest. Her first 6 months of clothes are hung and her toys are piled into the corner. My parents had a spare daybed so we put that in her room along with a dresser and changing table topper that my parents used when I was little. We don't want to buy our own crib and dresser till we buy a house so this will hold us for 6 months. The room is so cute and I can't wait till it is finished. This weekend we are making a trip to Babies R Us to buy the essentials we still need which isn't a whole lot because we were truly blessed at our baby showers. Matt even has a small office baby shower tomorrow, which came as a surprise to me. We have been lucky to have such good friends, family and colleagues to help us out with our baby.

I think I had one contraction last night that only lasted about 5 seconds. I want more pains because that would mean she is on the way. I want it to be my turn...I have no patience.

Well I have to get back to homework which piles up more everyday. How can one class be freakin hard.

Last change to guess on the baby pool, I am closing it soon. Everyone guess!

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36weeks 4days [07 Oct 2008|03:11pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today's appointment was great. I admitted that I did not stay in bed like I should have but I am officially off bed rest but I still have to monitor my blood pressure daily. I am 3cms fully dilated and the baby's head is at 0 station, which she said is really low. The doc is so surprised when I tell her I have not felt anything at all. I really haven't. I might have felt a few contractions a week ago but they were nothing and only lasted seconds. She also could not believe that I could not feel the baby's head between my legs. So she said if I get any real pain I need to head straight to the hospital. Tonight my goal is to finally get my hospital bag packed, I am such a slacker. I did go and get a pedicure today though :)

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35weeks 4 days [30 Sep 2008|12:39pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Today I had an OBGYN appointment. There was good news and then really crappy news. The good news is I am already dilated 2-3cm and 60% effaced. The doctor was surprised I am progressed so far based on how far I still have to go. I was very happy to hear that I have had some sort of progress. For the crappy news I am now on bed rest. My blood pressure was elevated at the beginning of the appointment then they checked it half an hour later and I still had high blood pressure. Now I am only allowed out of bed to go to the bathroom. When they told me I was on bed rest I looked at the woman like she was nuts and then I asked if she was serious. I had to buy a home blood pressure monitor and I have to check it 3 times a day and keep a log. If it is high I am suppose to immediately go to the hospital. After I left the appointment I just cried. Today I was suppose to go to Ft. Pierce with my parents to unload our trailer of stuff into the new apartment. Friday I was suppose to go alligator hunting and that is looking like I won't be able to go. I am bummed. I guess I need to pack my hospital bag.

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34weeks 3days [23 Sep 2008|08:40pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

I finally managed to get some stuff done.

After 3 and a half years of being married I finally switched my voter's registration to my married name and ordered my absentee ballot.

I deposited some savings bonds that I have had for a while. In fact one was over 20 years old. Just gives me a little bit of money to buy some last minute things for the baby. I also deposited Matt's final check from the Department of Transportation. It was for some overtime he accrued. Yay for money.

Mailed off some medical bills. Even with insurance babies are expensive.

I still have tons of homework to do, I must get on that tomorrow.

Matt got our apartment in Fort Pierce today. It is an apartment at a golf course. It has a 7 month lease, after which we hope to buy us a home! It is extremely nice with big rooms, a big walk in closet and a garage. I can't wait to move our stuff in sometime soon. I will finally have a baby room to decorate. I have some serious nesting that needs to be done.

I am enjoying my new cell phone paid for by Matt's company. It takes some getting use to a new phone but I will definitely make do.

Last night was our final lamaze class. Matt took his turn at wearing the sympathy belly, it was cute. I am now officially ready for what will be the most hectic time in my whole life. I have not even had a hint at a contraction so I feel like she will be staying put forever. Labor is so crazy so all I keep in mind is holding my baby for the first time. I seriously can't wait.

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